Which organ is the largest of the human body?  Your skin.

It is a filter that eliminates wastes through its sweat glands and mucous secretions.  It also protects our organs, but there is a limit to what the skin can do to protect us.

If you put something on your skin, it will be absorbed into your bloodstream immediately.  For example, if you spray on a mosquito repellent that has a pesticide as one of the ingredients, your body will absorb it.  I prefer a spray that is pesticide free.  Whatever hair products you use, when rinsed off in the shower your body is absorbing those ingredients.

I use gloves when using cleaning products for my bathrooms.  Again, trying to avoid contaminating my body with harsh chemicals through my skin.

New skin is made every 24 hours.  Your skin reflects the health of your body.  If you have skin breakouts it may be due to internal toxicity in the body.  I get clients that come in for colonics who have skin issues.  They notice after a series of colonics their skin starts clearing up.

Another way to help the health of your skin is wearing sun screen.  So, start early and protect you skin with sunscreen, gloves for cleaning, and being mindful of what products you put on your body, as well as in your body.

Here’s to your Health!

Kim Lowrey, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Colon Hydrotherapy Center, Fayetteville, AR


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