Oral Probiotics – Combats Gum Disease

I recently had a gum graft to repair one area where the gum had receded from a tooth.  Gum recession is pretty serious stuff, leaving the tooth exposed to bad bacteria and possible loss of the tooth itself.  I am now very adamant not to visit the Periodontist’s chair again.

So, how will I prevent this gum recession from happening again?  Dr. D. Jean Gibson, the chiropractor I work with suggested I start taking Oral Probiotics and she gave me an article to read in Life Extension Magazine.

Here is what I learned that convinced me to take Oral Probiotics daily.

According to the article, researchers state we have a lot of bacteria in our mouth called oral microbiome.  These good bacteria protect our gums from disease like gingivitis, protects our teeth, and supports our immune system.  But this healthy microbiome can be disrupted by poor diet, lifestyle, drugs or disease.  Which then sets up an environment for bad bacteria such as P. gingivitis to proliferate in the mouth.  These bad bacteria are linked to diminishing the mouth’s immune system, infections, gum disease, heart problems, cancer, Alzheimer’s, lung and kidney disorders.

The two main strains of good bacteria to keep your mouth, gum and teeth healthy are L. plantarum L-137 and S. salivarius M18.

L. plantarum L-137 bacteria boosts oral immune function and promotes healing.

S. salivarius M18 kills harmful bacteria that live in the mouth.

A clinical trial was conducted over 12 weeks with 39 people.  One group received the good bacteria, L. plantarum L-137 and the other group received a placebo.  Researchers looked at the pocket depth of the gums to see if this good bacteria had any effect.  After the study was completed, the people that received the L. plantarum L-137 had a 64% greater improvement in gum pocket depth compared with the placebo group.

This study was proof that taking oral probiotics can improve periodontal disease.

Here’s to a Healthy Mouth!!

Kim Lowrey, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Colon Hydrotherapy Center, Fayetteville, AR




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