Colonics – My Story

Hi, I’m Kim Lowrey, Colon Hydrotherapist, at the Colon Hydrotherapy Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I started my business in 2003.  I work in partnership with Dr. D. Jean Gibson, Chiropractor, of The Gibson Center.  You can find more information about their services at

Colonics is a very important therapy.  The two main things it will do for you is clean out the built-up waste in the colon and tone the muscle of the colon.  It’s kinda like being on a treadmill for the colon.  It exercises it while removing toxins.

If you are constipated, bloated, tired or just interested in the detox effects of colonics give me a call at 479-571-2656 or email me at

The therapy is very comfortable and affordable.

Have a wonderful day!

Kim Lowrey, Colon Hydrotherapy Center, Fayetteville, AR


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