Cook away arsenic from rice

According to the website, Mindfood, recent studies have shown that rice contains inorganic arsenic.  This arsenic has been linked to many health issues including heart disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as development problems.

The FDA in one study recommended feeding babies less rice in their diet to avoid contamination of inorganic arsenic. The UK Food Standards Agency advises children under 4 1/2 should not drink rice milk because it contains higher concentrations of inorganic arsenic.

In an article for, Andy Meharg, professor of biological sciences at Queens University Belfast, tested three ways of cooking rice to reduce the levels of inorganic arsenic.

First method is to cook it normally, two parts water to one part rice.  When tested the levels of arsenic were not reduced.

Second method is to cook the rice with five parts water to one part rice.  Once the rice is done pour off the rest of the water.  This method reduced the arsenic levels by one-half.

Dr. Meharg, recommended the third method.  Which is to soak the rice overnight, then pour off the water.  When ready to cook, add five parts water to one part rice.  After rice is done pour off excess water.  He noted the arsenic levels were reduced by 80 percent.

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